Sarocrinus Crawfordsville Cladid Crinoid

Sarocrinus varsovensis

Cladida, Family Zeacrinitidae

Geological Time: Lower Mississippian Osagean Stage (345 m.y.a)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Crinoid crown: 26 mm long by 12 mm wide on a 37 mm by 31 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville, Indiana

Code: CK35

Price: $50.00

Sarocrinus Crawfordsville Cladid CrinoidDescription: Well-preserved example of the Cladid crinoid Sarocrinus varsovensis (Family Zeacrinitidae), The crinoid is very three-dimensional in aspect. This is a fine example of the variety of diverse crinoids to be found in the Crawfordsville deposits. This is a fine specimen that would be a welcome addition to any collection of crinoids from Crawfordsville, and would also make a good entry-level starter specimen due to its most affordable price.

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