Kettneraspis prescheri Trilobite Prepared Freestanding

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Kettneraspis (?) prescheri

Trilobites Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae

Geological Time: Lower Devonian, Pragian Age

Size: Trilobite is 45 mm long by 60 mm wide (with spines) on an 75 mm by 75 mm matrix.

Fossil Site: Ihandar Formation, Couche Rouge, Jebel Issoumour, Morocco

Fossil Code: 18054

Price: Sold

Kettneraspis prescheri Trilobite Description: Elegant example of an unusual trilobite which has recently become available. I saw my first example just over 10 years ago at the Tucson show and called it a “stovepipe” due to the robust occipital spine only found in this species. While some prefer Kettnersapis over Leonaspis based upon the pygidial spines, it is definitely a new species, one that has curried great favor among the collectors of the world. This trilobite has a blend of features of both genera. While the authors placed it within Kettneraspis, they attached a question mark to designate its combined features. This one took several days to prepare all the spines free of matrix, and effort I am sure you will agree was well worth it to obtain such a dramatic display specimen. It is quite large for the type, and the first I have been able to obtain prepared in this dramatic fashion.

Reference: Geologica Belgica, 2015, 18/1, pp 15-20

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