Cretaceous Lebanese Fossil Fish Association

Pseudoberyx syriacus

Order Clupeiformes; Family Clupeidae

Enchelion montium

Order Anguilliformes, Family Congridae

Geological Time: Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage (~95 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Pseudoberyx: 57 mm in length Enchelion: 37 mm in length (curce measure) on 75 mm by 110 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Lebanese Laggerstatt, Hajoula, Lebanon

Code: L621

Price: $265.00

Description: A rarely seen member of the Order Clupeiformes, the larger fish is a member of the Family Clupeidae known as Pseudoberyx syriacus. As such, it is thought to have been a schooling fish. The genus died out during the Late Cretaceous, leaving no descendants. This one is shown here exactly as it had been prepared after removal from the quarry, with none of the paint commonly used to restore fin rays and other details. The soft tissue preservation is quite remarkable. It is seen here in association with a rarely seen member of the Order Angulliformes, Family Congridae. It is one of the earliest eels. The dorsal and anal fins have been joined to form a fringe running the length of the body, readily visible here. They probably fed on worms, crustaceans , and other small fare. The genus went extinct in the Upper Cretaceous.

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