Excellent Acadoparadoxides Moroccan Trilobite

Superb Part and Counterpart Specimen

Acadoparadoxides sp

Trilobite Order Redlichiida, Family Redlichiidae

Geological Time: Lower Middle Cambrian

Size: 32 mm long by 25 mm wide on a 70 by 70 mm and 70 mm by 60 mm matrix pair

Fossil Site: Jebel Wawrmast Formation, Jebel Ougnate, Morocco

Code: 16023

Price: Sold

Acadoparadoxides TrilobiteDescription: While Morocco is most famous for its Devonian trilobites, its history extends back to near the beginning of trilobite evolution with examples such as this one, a member of the Order Redlichiida. It is a member of the genus Acadoparadoxides, just like Acadoparadoxides levisettii (see my other listings). Many of the Redlichiids are yet to be described, so I will simply use the designator Acadoparadoxides sp. It is a very fine specimen, offered at a most reasonable price for the quality.

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