Exquisitely-Preserved Dragonfly Insect Fossil

Cf Abrohemeroscopus sp

Order Odonata, Family Hemeroscopidae

Geological Time: Lower Cretaceous (~ 128 million years ago)

Size: Dragonfly fossil is 82 mm long with a 100 mm wingspan
Matrix: 140 mm by 125 mm

Fossil Site: Yixian Formation, Shangyuan, Liaoning Province of China

Fossil Code: CF451

Price: Sold

Description: The fossils from Liaoning Province, China are known throughout the world for their exceptional preservation. The dragonfly shown here is an example of that preservational detail. The venation in the wings is most clearly visible, and alone would make this an exceptional specimen. While there are repaired cracks, these are the inevitable consequence of removal of sections of a matrix which has a tendency to fracture easily.

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