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15th Anniversary Sale:

As Fossil Mall celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, we offer a 15 percent discount on ALL the quality specimens until the end of 2014. Fossil Mall appreciates your continued support throughout the years and look forward to continuing to supply you with some of the most diverse and unique high-quality specimens that have been our trademark for so long.

Special Clearance Sale:

In addition to the 15th anniversary sale, we are having a special fossil clearance sale of limited duration. Many specimens included will come from our collection of unique, rare and museum fossils.

Because Fossil Mall has several thousand pages, this page is to assist in navigation. If you know what you are looking for, or if you want to compare fossils across and within the stores, there is a search engine near the top of the home page. The newest fossils page is just that, with a brief phrase describing each new fossil with the newest at the top. The museum fossils page gives a sampling of some of the rarest and most exotic "museum fossils". The links below provide a more refined listing of the fossils, either by category, or by fossil category among the different fossil dealers.

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Fossil Dealer Terra Trilobites:
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Specializing in trilobites and cambrian explosion fossils from the western united states.

Educational Fossils

Also, visit Edcucational Fossils for bulk fossils, educational fossils, fossil kits and earth science products.

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