Hyneria Sarcopterygian Paleozoic Fish Fossil

Hyneria sp

Sarcopterygii, Tristichopterida

Geological Time: Late Devonian, Famennian Stage (360 Million Years Old)

Size: Fossil is 29 mm in length by 13 mm base width on a 40 mm by 28 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Red Hill Shale, Catskill Formation, Pennsylvania, USA

Fossil Code: AW113

Price: Sold

Hyneria Sarcopterygian Paleozoic Fish FossilThis is a tooth from a member of the Tetrapodomorha, known as Hyneria. The fish looked much like Eusthenopteron that reached some 2.5 meters in length. The teeth of the premaxilla were fanglike as seen here which allowed them to seize and hold prey. Most specimens known were found near the village of Hyner in Pennsylvania, hence the genus name. The Late Devonian Famennian Stage is bounded on both the beginning and the end by extinction events with the former being the greater in magnitude.

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Hyneria Sarcopterygian Paleozoic Fish Fossil

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