Primitive Silurian Plant Fossil Inopinatella

Inopinatella sp

Phylum Chlorophyta, Class Ulvophyceae, Order Dayscladales

Geological Time: Lower Silurian, Aeronian Stage (~440 mya)

Size: Fossils are 8 mm - 30 mm on a 90 mm by 140 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Kalana Quarry, Estonia

Fossil Code: ERK22

Price: $250.00

Silurian Plant Fossil InopinatellaDescription: Plants are somewhat poorly represented during the Early Silurian due to the lack of suitable depositional environments. Noncalcified algae are particularly rare due to the lack of hard parts. They presumably were found in widespread locations but without the proper conditions for preservation few traces have been found. A deposit in Estonia was found late in the last decade which sheds some light on the variety of such thallophytic algae. This one has a slender thin-stemmed appearance unlike any known extant alga. There are many examples strewn across this large sample. While most meebers of the genus are known from the Late Silurian, this one pushes the timeline back substantially.. This is one of several types I have been fortunate enough to acquire.

Reference: Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences, Vol 58 No 1, 2009, pp 38-42.

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