Fine Zilchovaspis rugosa Moroccan Trilobite

Zilchovaspis rugosa

Trilobites Order Phacopida, Family Dalmanitidae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian

Size: Trilobite is 50 mm long by 32 mm wide on a 95 by 60 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Djebel Issoumour, Morocco

Code: 18129

Price: $175.00

Description:A elegant example of a member of the Order Phacopida, Family Dalmanitidae with many fine details present. While most frequently known in the trade as “Odontochile”, this one is actually Zilchovaspis. The most diagnostic features of this taxon are the parabolic cephalon and pygidial spine. Odontochile has a more circular cephalic outline, and a shorter, broadly-based pygidial spine. Both genera bear a strong resemblance to the contemporary genus Huntonia from the Devonian of Oklahoma.

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