Laminar Mesoproterozoic Stromatolites from Montana

Stromatolites - Polished Metasediment

Hand Polished

Geological Time: Mesoproterozoic (~ 1.4 billion years old)

Size: 145 mm by 50 mm by 30 mm (maximum)

Fossil Site: Revalli Group, Belt Series, Montana

Code: DS18053

Price: $30.00

Mesoproterozoic Stromatolites from MontanaDescription: This metasediment (sediment that has undergone metamorphism) comes from a Montana. The laminar structure is an argillite, a metamorphosed mudstone/siltstone of the Revalli Group of the Belt Series in Montana.

The specimen has been hand-polished to a glassine finish on one side with fine carbide and diamond abrasive, a very labor-intensive job. The last photo shows the specimen in reverse view.

Stromatolites have persisted to the modern day in such places as Shark Bay, Australia where they continue their billions of years old lifestyle. While this piece would make a fine present for any natural history buff, anyone who appreciates art would also be glad to get thus wonderful specimen as a gift.

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Mesoproterozoic Stromatolites from Montana

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