RARE Stygina Trilobite from Morocco

Stygina sp

Trilobites Order Corynexochida, Family Styginidae

Geological Time: Upper Ordovician, Upper Caradoc Stage (~450 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 20 mm long, 15 mm across Matrix: 80 mm by 125 mm

Fossil Site: El Kaid Errami, Morocco

Fossil Code: 14134

Price: $295.00

RARE Stygina TrilobiteDescription: This plate shows a rare trilobite that took some detective work to identify. At first glance, I thought it to be a member of the genus Stygina, patronymic name of the genus Styginidae, but there are two similar taxa: Stygina and the older Protostygina. I asked the source to see if he could find out from the diggers what other specimens are found with it. The reply I got was that it came from the same bed as the El Kaid Errami starfish. That was the clincher, as the starfish are known to be upper Caradoc. Once that was clear it nailed down the identification as Stygina as Protostygina is found in Middle Ordovician deposits. Either would have been an exceptional find as this is only the SECOND I have had in 14 years.

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