Mesozoic Semionotus Fish Fossils from Massachusettes

Exceptionally Preserved Death Assemblage

Semionotus cf elegans

Order Semionotifomes, Family Seminotidae

Geological Time: Late Triassic to Early Jurassic

Size: Single Fish: 137 mm by 50 mm Overlapped Pair: 120 mm and 110 mm long Matrix: 355 mm by 175 mm

Fossil Site: Deerfield Formation, Massachusetts, USA

Fossil Code: AW125

Price: $550.00

Semionotus Fish FossilsDescription: This fish is Semionotus elegans, a member of the semionotid fshes. The genus indeed is the patronymic genus of both the order and family to which it belongs. Semionotus enjoyed worldwide distribution, but is particularly well known from the eastern United States. There were a number of species were found together much like the modern day “species groups” of Rift Lake cichlids of Africa. This one is thought to be Semionotus elegans because of the dorsal ridge scales. I obtained this plate in an as collected state as seen in the final three photographs, and sent it to a well-known East Coast preparator to see what could be done with it. The result here is truly remarkable. The single specimen is now readily seen, and it turns out the indistinct material to the left was actually a PAIR of specimens laid out in an overlapped state much like they would be in a modern fish market. The overall result is quite good, and would make an excellent example for any collection of Mesozoic fish. Also see this superb specimen from the same family, Tetragonolepis semicinctus from the famous Holzmaden Area of Germany.

Reference: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 11 (3), Sept 1991, pp 269-292.

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