Cretaceous Fossil Brittlestar Geocoma

Geocoma libanotica

Phylum Echinodermata, Class Ophiuroidea

Geological Time: Middle Cretaceous Lower Cenomanian Stage (95 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Brittlestar fossil is 85 mm across on a 120 mm by 90 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Haqel, Lebanon

Code: RN16

Price: $225.00

Fossil Brittlestar GeocomaDescription: A rarely seen member of the Ophiuroidea, or Brittlestars, this is a fine example of Geocoma libanotica. The generic name is derived from the location (Lebanon), an area better known for its fine preserved fish and crustaceans. The sublithographic limestone also preserved incredible detail here as well. The genus is also known from the Jurassic deposits of Solnhofen, Germany where Geocoma carinata is often seen. These Brittlestars are over 50 million years younger, showing that the genus was quite long-lived. While starfish are more sturdily-built, the Brittlestars are more delicate, with the arms branching off from the central disc in such a way as to make the arms quite mobile (some are also termed “Serpent Stars” due to their sinuous movements). This is a quite symmetrical example, well-displayed on its matrix plaque.

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