Problematic Putative Devonian Feather Coral Fossil

Plumalina plumaria

Phylum Cnidaria Incertae Sedis

Geological Time: Upper Devonian, Senecan Stage (~370 million years ago)

Size: Fossil is 78 mm by 15 mm Matrix: 60 mm by 85 mm

Fossil Site: Genessee Formation, Cortland, New York

Code: AW91

Price: Sold

Devonian Feather Coral FossilDescription: This superb multiple specimen belongs to what is most commonly termed the Problematica, or problematic animals, indicative of an unclear or controversial classification. First described in the 1850s, it is still the subject of uncertainty today. Named Plumalina plumaria in 1858 it is thought be some to be a hydrzoan (“feather coral”) and a gorgonian by others. While it is indubitably a cnidarian, perhaps to label incertae sedis would be best.

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