Early Silurian Fossil Plant from Scotland


"Taurus catena"

Plantae indet

Geological Time: Upper Silurian

Size: Fossil is 58 mm in length on a 105 mm by 50 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Leshmagow, Scotland

Fossil Code: UKF248

Price: $95.00

Silurian Fossil Plant from ScotlandDescription: This is a specimen of what is believed to be an early plant from the same Silurian deposits in Scotland that are home to the anapsid fish Birkenia and Lasanius (see my other offerings). It is known colloquially as “Taurus catena”. I use quotes for the name as it is what is called a nomen nudum as the plant has yet to be scientifically described. It is the first example I have been able to offer; plants for this site are not very common.

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Silurian Fossil Plant from Scotland

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