Fine Oligocene Dipteran Insect Fossil

Kalligramma sp.

Diptera, Nematocera

Geological Time: Early Oligocene, Stampian Age (~35 million years ago)

Size: Insect fossil has 12 mm wingspan with 9 mm length, Matrix: 70 mm by 70 mm

Fossil Site: Cereste, France

Fossil Code: AW93

Price: Sold

Oligocene Dipteran Insect FossilDescription: This matrix displays a fine-preserved Gnat from the Oligocene of southern France. It comes from a German collection, hence the label. Mucke in German can mean Gnat, Midge, or Mosquito. One of the former two is most likely. The term Diptera means “two-winged” and is actually a misnomer. Most members have a second, vestigial pair of wings that are mere knobs which are used as a “gyroscope” to keep the insect level in flight. It will come in a Riker-type box for protection.

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Oligocene Dipteran Insect Fossil

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