Detailed Mississippian Bangor Limestone Crinoid Fossil Zeacrinites

Zeacrinites sp

Cladida, Family Zeacrinitidae

Geological Time: Upper Mississippian, Chesterian Stage (~325 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Zeacrinites crinoid fossil is 50 mm by 40 mm on a 60 mm by 55 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Bangor Limestone, Colbert County, Alabama USA

Code: ALF33

Price: $95.00

Zeacrinites CrinoidDescription: This is a fine example of an crinoid known as Zeacrinites. It is quite 3-D in appearance, and shows the many arms and some pinnules that were used to filter suspended food from the water columns.

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