Isua Archaean Banded Iron

Earliest Known Evidence of Life on Earth from Greenland

Stromatolites Polished Tonalite

Geological Time: Early Archaean, ~ 3.8 Billion Years Old

Size: Fossil is 100 mm by 38 mm by 40 mm thick (maximum)

Fossil Site: Isua Banded Iron Formation, Isua Greenstone Belt, Southwest Greenland

Code: DS18022

Price: Sold

Description: This specimen comes from the Isua Greenstone Belt of Greenland, site of the currently oldest known examples of life on earth. Research conducted in 2016 by the University of Wollangong in Australia on material from this site are not only thought to be the oldest rocks on the Earth’s surface but also harbor the earliest known signs of life. We have global warming to thank for this discovery as until recently this outcrop was buried beneath a deep snow mass which only recently melted.

I was recently able to secure a few additional specimens, but I have been told by the source that more is not likely to be forthcoming.

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