Gigantopygus Early Cambrian Museum Trilobite

An Issafen Formation rarity with few found

Gigantopygus papillatus

Trilobites Order Redlichiida, Family Gigantopygidae

Geological Time: Lower Cambrian, Atdabanian Stage

Size (25.4m inch): Trilobite: 175 mm long, 132 mm across . Matrix: 220 mm by 190 mm

Fossil Site: Issafen Formation, Issafen, Morocco

Fossil Code: 15143

Price: Sold

Gigantopygus papillatusDescription: The Issafen Formation of the Anti-Atlas region of Moroccop has recently become something of a Gold Rush for the discovery of heretofore unseen trilobite of Early Cambrian age. This one is no exception. It is a member of the Gigantopygidae, a rarely-seen family of Redlichiida, known as Gigantopygus, a name derived from its distinctive puygidium. It is a fairly large example, and somewhat 3-D in aspect, unlike many trilobites from the region. There is repair to the pygidium which was somewhat displaced and repositioned, making this an affordable example of the large Early Cambrian trilobite.

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Gigantopygus papillatus
Gigantopygus papillatus
Gigantopygus papillatus

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