Fine Fossil Cone of Clubmoss Tree

Lepidostrobus sp.

Geological Time: Carboniferous, Westphalian D, Duckmantian Stage

Size: Cone: 90 mm by 18 mm Matrix: 150 mm X 70 mm

Fossil Site: Piesberg, Germany

Fossil Code: RS99

Price: $75.00

Lepidostrobus Fossil ConeDescription: Lepidodendron is the name given to a giant Lycopod or scale tree which formed an important part ofClubmoss Tree the coal swamps of the late Carboniferous which grew to heights in excess of 40 meters. This specimen is known as Lepidostrobus, the term used for the cones of this ancient giant. The cones produced spores and megaspores and may have exceeded 30 cm in length. It is found with a section of another plant, making a fine association piece.

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