Polished Miocene Whale Rib Fossil

Cetacea indet

Class Mammalia, Superorder Laurasiatheria, Order Cetacea

Geological Time: Late Miocene, Cheltenhamian Stage (~ 5 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is up to 90 mm long, 45 mm wide

Fossil Site: Sandrigham Sands Formation, Black Rock Sandstone Member, Brighton Group, Rickets Point, Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia

Fossil Code: AAF298

Price: $60.00

Miocene Whale Rib FossilThis is the cross section of the fossilized rib of a whale of indeterminate identity. It has been polished on one side to show of the dense cellular structure of the bone. The term for this dense bone structure is pachyostosis, a trait useful in diving animals who need to overcome buoyancy.

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