Akantharges mbareki Moroccan Trilobite

Akantharges mbareki

Trilobites Order Lichida, Family Lichidae, Subfamily Trochinurinae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian

Size: Trilobite is 32 mm long (curve measure) by 298 mm wide (counting spines) on a 70 mm by 80 mm matrix.

Fossil Site: Tinejdad, Morocco

Fossil Code: 17118

Price: $995.00

Rare Akantharges mbareki Moroccan TrilobiteDescription: This unusual trilobite comes from the Middle Devonian deposits of Tinejdad, Morocco. Specimens have only been available commercially for about 5 years, and never in very large numbers. The ususual crenulations and tubercles present on the genal spines and pygidium are quite striking. The description of this species was just recently published in a paper that also erected the genus Besseiarges for the other type; see Basseiarges mellishae. This species of Akantharges was named after the benefactor from the Palaeontological Museum of Erfoud who was of aid in the research that resulted in the paper referenced below. Also see another Akantharges mbareki specimen here.

Reference: Batalleria, 18, March 2013, pp 15-24.

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Akantharges mbareki

Akantharges mbareki Trilobite

Rare Akantharges mbareki Moroccan Trilobite

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