Exceptional Miocene Fossil Frog

Rana basaltica

Amphibia, Anura, Discoglossidae

Geologic Time: Lower Cretaceous

Size: Frog fossil is 75 mm long by 55 mm across (with legs as is); Matrix:70 mm by 60 mm

Fossil Site: Shanwang Village , Shandong Province, China

Fossil Code: KZC29

Price: Sold

Miocene Fossil FrogDescription: This matric displays an exceptionally fine fossil specimen of the frog Rana basaltica from the lacustrine deposits of the Shanwang Biota of the Miocene of China with fine preservational details. The region was a shallow lake in which planta and animals that fell into the water were covered with a fine layer of silt which built up over the ages in thin laminae. The deposits are quite moist, and specimens are typically surrounded by paraffin to prevent exfoliation of the laminae. The fossil will ship in a glass frame which should be replaced with a suitable clear moisture-proof container. It has been held as you see here for over 10 years. The Shanwang biota is well-known for the fine detail of its specimens, detail most evident in this well-articulated specimen. While frogs are not reptiles, I have posted this specimen in that category for ease of location within my store.

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Rana basaltica

Rana basaltica Fossil Frag

Miocene Fossil Frog

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