Large Triarthrus Trilobite from Quebec

Triarthrus becki macastyensis

Trilobites Order Ptychopariida, Family Olenidae

Geological Time: Late Ordovician

Size: Trilobite is 53 mm long by 35 mm wide on a 150 mm by 65 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Macasty Bay Formation, Havre St Pierre, Quebec, Canada

Code: MMT186

Price: $135.00

Triarthrus TrilobiteDescription: This is a Triarthrus becki trilobite subspecies from Quebec, Canada. Members of the related species Triarthrus eatoni have been found with soft tissues preserved as pyrite (see my other offerings), making the morphology of the genus well-known and useful for illustration of trilobite anatomy. This is an immense example of the taxon. While the cephalon is somewhat eroded, it is the only example I have seen. Note the sharp pleural spines on the distal segments.

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Triarthrus becki macastyensis

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