Large Gamascolex Palaeoscolecid Worm Fossil

Gamascolex vanroyi

Class Palaeoscolecida, Family Palaeoscolecidae

Geological Time: Upper Ordovician

Size: Fossil is 205 mm long (curve measure) by up to 7 mm wide on a 210 mm by 135 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Ksar Tamarna, Bou Nemrou Quarry near El Kaid Errami Valley, Tafilalt, Morocco

Code: 17037

Price: Sold

Gamascolex Palaeoscolecid Worm FossilDescription: The Fezouata and Tafilalt biotas provide an exceptional representation of exquisitely-preserved Ordovician life from Morocco. Both show parallels to the older Burgess Shale fauna of the Cambrian of Canada. The main sandstone quarry at Ben Nemrou has been commercially exploited for fossils in much the same way as the Weeks Formation of Utah, USA. This large palaeoscolecid worm represents the first example of the class from the Ordovician of the African Continent. Typically preservation of such fine details would be expected from mud and silt. Here, however, the preservation is in fine to medium grained micaceous sandstone. It is thought that the decaying carcass was covered by a microbial mat, followed by rapid burying with little to know post-mortem transport. The species was named in honor of Peter van Roy, a researcher who has made many contributions to the study of the Ordovician biota of Morocco. This is the FIRST specimen of this unusual taxon I have been able to secure.

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Gamascolex Palaeoscolecid Worm Fossil

Gamascolex vanroyi

Gamascolex vanroyi

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