Fine Megalodon Shark Tooth from Chile

Carcharocles (Carcharodon) megalodon shark tooth

Class Chondrichthyes, Subclass Elasmobranchii, Superorder Selachimorpha, Order Lamniformes, Family Otodontidae

Geological Time: Pliocene (~3 million years ago)

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Megalodon tooth is 120 mm long , 93 mm wide (maximum) Crown: 86 mm slant length by 82 mm wide at root

Fossil Site: Huarra Formation, Atacama Desert, Chile

Code: KZC06

Price: Sold

Megalodon Shark ToothDescription: This is a fine example of an anterior tooth from the most sought-after shark Carcharodon (or Carcharocles) megalodon. Notice the serrations present on this specimen of a shark which grew to be in excess of 20 METERS. There Carcharocles (Carcharodon) megalodon shark toothis quite a degree of variability of the color of these teeth as a consequence of the minerals in the water when the deposit was formed. Coming from the Atacama Desert in Chile, it was found on a rainless plateau that parallels the coastline for some 600 miles. The desolate landscape is so moon-like that it has been considered as a test location for a new generation of Lunar Rover. The current accepted formula based upon crown height would imply that this one came from a shark nearly 11.5 meters long! Chile has banned the export from fossils since 2006, but this one is part of a collection amassed in 2002-2003. Demand for specimens is high, particularly large ones such as this. This one is very complete with little wear to either serrations or tip.

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