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Phone: 415 863 1429

Thanks for visiting Pangaea Fossils. I offer a range of fossils for the casual to the very serious, sophisticated species collector. Many of my fossils have been acquired through trades, self collecting, and from non-commercial sources. Contained within you will find some unique and interesting specimens that are not obtainable from other fossil dealers. My specialty is trilobites, particularly those from the western U.S., and more particularly still, Nevada.

I also administer the Western Trilobite Association, an education web site that has detailed information about trilobite fossil sites and represented species that are found in the western United States and Canada; extensive bibliographies are also included. The WTA is also contributed to by the other fine folks here at the Fossil Mall.

Be sure to contact me if you have material to trade, sell, or have an old collection to liquidate. And of course, any questions or correspondence is welcome, just email me.


Richie Kurkewicz