Rare Cretaceous Early Mammal Pediomys Jaw Section

Pediomys florencae

Class Mammalia, Subclass Theriformes, Family Marsupialia

Geological Time: Late Cretaceous

Size: Fossil jaw section is 11/16” (17 mm) in length

Fossil Site: Hell Creek Formation, Montana

Fossil Code: PFV389

Price: $245.00

Cretaceous Early Mammal Pediomys Jaw SectionDescription: Presented is an excellent rooted partial jaw section from a primitive mammal that existed during the last years of the age of the dinosaurs.

O.C. Marsh at the end of the 19th centaury discovered this Late Cretaceous marsupial.

A word regarding the legality of these fossils. Our provider only collects on private ranch and farmlands of Montana and S. Dakota. His relationships with these landowners have been cultivated over many years of door knocking and often difficult negotiations. Our collector, in the beginning stage of a possible collecting arrangement, cannot even contemplate a deal until he has walked the land holdings to discover if there are ancient remains to be found.

Fossil Sales Information

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Cretaceous Early Mammal Pediomys Jaw Section

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