Prosaurolophus Hadrosaur Lower Jaw Dinosaur Fossil

Prosaurolophus Hadrosaur Dinosaur Fossil

Dentory Section (Lower Jaw)

Class Sauropsida, Superorder Dinosauria, Order Ornithischia, Superfamily Hadrosauroidea, Family Hadrosauridae, Subfamily Hadrosaurinae

Geological Time: Upper Cretaceous (75 million years ago)

Size: 30 mm in length by 19 mm high

Fossil Site: Two Medicine Formation, Northern Montana

Fossil Code: PFV137

Price: Sold

Description: Prosaurolophus is a genus of hadrosaurid (or duck-billed) dinosaur known from the Late Cretaceous of North America. It had a sloping face, bumps over its eyes and a broad, flat muzzle, and may have been the ancestor of Saurolophus. Prosaurolophus was an active animal, both able to swim and walk on land. It had a small, stout, triangular crest in front of the eyes; the sides of this crest were concave, forming depressions. As a hadrosaurid, Prosaurolophus was a bipedal / quadrupedal herbivore. Its teeth were continually replaced and packed into dental batteries that contained hundreds of teeth as shown here, of which only a portion were used at any time for chewing.

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Prosaurolophus Dentory Section
Prosaurolophus Dentory Section
Prosaurolophus Depiction
Prosaurolophus Skull

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