Coveted Cyphaspis carrolli Oklahoma Trilobite

Cyphaspis carrolli

Trilobites Order Proetida, Family Aulacopleuridae

Geological Time: Lower Ordovician

Size: The trilobite is a fully mature specimen measuring 9/16” (15 mm) in length on a small squared off plate

Fossil Site: Haragan Formation, Coal County, Clarita, Oklahoma

Fossil Code: PFT784

Price: $365.00

Cyphaspis carrolli This is a rare and magnificently prepared Cyphaspis carrolli trilobite from the Haragan Formation of Oklahoma. It features stalked eyes and a freestanding axial spine. Cyphaspis carrolli is one of the very rare and highly coveted species from the Haragan Formation, named after Bob Carroll. The preservation and detail are amazing. However, under the terms of Fossil Mall’s policy of full disclosure, it must be stated that the pygidium appears to have been reconstructed. Unfortunate, but, understandable, as a trilobites of this beauty and rarity, when flawed, are often reconstructed. The up side is that this Cyphaspis is being offered at a price hundreds of dollars lower than a fully complete specimen.

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