Pristine Cambropallas telesto Moroccan Trilobite

Cambropallas telesto

Trilobite Order Redlichiida, Suborder Olenellina, Family Holmiidae

Geological Time: Middle Cambrian, bel Wawrmast Formation

Size: The trilobite is 7” in length on a 9 ½ x 7 ½” plate. The negative is the same size

Fossil Site: Southern Morocco

Code: PFT791

Price: $825.00

Cambropallas telestoDescription: Presented is a close to perfectly preserved positive/negative trilobite from the suborder, Olenellina. The specimen is fully inflated, with the typical rust orange color, and excellent presence. It shows almost no crushing or distortion. The positive and negative plates fit together tightly. Easily discerned are the matching orange trilobite fragments and irregularities of the matrix from both sides. Also of note, the lower axial nubs have left their imprint in the negative. The dealer selling it, Hami, is an independent, well-educated Berber dealer with direct connections to the tribal collectors. He only buys the best of the fossils available, and does much of his own preparation work when necessary. His material is highly coveted by both commercial dealers and trilobite collectors alike. Normally most of his inventory is sold before the actual Tucson Mineral and Fossil Show begins. We guarantee this trilobite to be genuine, with little or no reconstruction.

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