Gorgeous Calymene breviceps Trilobites

from Waldron Shale

Calymene breviceps

Trilobite Order Phacopida, Family Calymenidae

Geological Time: Silurian

Size: The large Calymene is 1 15/16”. The crinoid stem is 2 1/8” and the smaller semi-enrolled Calymene is ¾”. The plate size is 3” x 6”

Fossil Site: Waldron Shale Formation, Saint Paul, Indiana

Fossil Code: PFT737

Price: Sold

Description: Presented is an uncommon Calymene breviceps from the Waldron Shale. The specimen is fully prone, 3D, and very well preserved. It is just about maximum size for the species. It came from the classic St. Paul Stone Quarry. The quarry has now been closed to collecting for some time, so specimens of this quality are now at a premium.

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