Paladin Carboniferous Russian Trilobite

Member of the Last SURVIVORs

Paladin transilis

Trilobite Order Asaphida, Family Proetidae, Subfamily Diotmopyginae

Geological Time: Upper Carboniferous

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): Trilobite is 32 mm long by 17 mm wide on a 40 by 75 mm matrix.

Fossil Site: Zhirnovsk, Volgograd Region, Russia

Code: RUF01

Price: $495.00

Description: The Proetida comprised the last family of trilobite to survive into the Carboniferous, only to go extinct during the end-Permian extinction event. This cream-colored example is known as Paladin transilis. This genus was the most widespread of the Proetidae, both in a stratigraphic and geographic sense. This one comes from the Upper Carboniferous deposits of Russia, and is a near-complete example. There is a repair that cuts transversely at the central part of the thorax as a result of where the nodule entombing the specimen had been cracked open to find the specimen. As a consequence there is some restoration at that point, as well as some missing exoskeleton. Nevertheless, this is a fine example of the type, one that would easily fetch double the asking price here were it a pristine example.

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