Very Rare Echinocardium orthonotum Echinoid Fossil

Echinocardium orthonotum

Phylum Echinodermata, Class Echinoidea, Order Spatangoida, Family Loveniidae

Geological Time: Pliocene

Size: Fossil is 50 mm in length by 45 mm in width. The matrix is 20 cm x 17 cm

Fossil Site: Goose Creek Formation, South Carolina

Code: PFO184

Price: $185.00

Echinocardium FossilDescription: Echinoids are not for everyone, definitely more for those with an academic or scholarly bent. Here is a rare species that I just acquired from an old and scientifically interesting collection. It is a ventral view. The dorsal is still entombed in the sandy matrix. Echinocardium is a genus of sea urchins of the family Loveniidae, known as the heart urchins.

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