Green River Diplomystus Fossil Fish

Diplomystus dentatus

Order Ellimmichyiformes, Family Ellimmichthyidae

Geological Time: Eocene

Size: Fish fossil is 3 5/8” in length on small plate

Fossil Site: Green River Formation, 18" Layer, Kemmerer, Wyoming

Code: PFF467

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Diplomystus dentatusDescription:Diplomystus dentatus is the second most common fish found in the Green River Formation. This one displays phenomenal detail, wonderful contrast, and almost jumps off the plate. An exceptional fish at a most affordable price.

Diplomystus' morphology, including its upturned mouth is prototypic of a surface feeding fish. The genus are herrings that likely fed on small surface dwelling fish as Knightia, is evidenced by numerous fossils found with Knightia is the stomach or mouth. The genus Diplomystus is also found to occur in Cretaceous strata in South America, as well as Cretaceous Lebanon.


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