Cruziana Trilobite Track Way

Arthropod (trilobite) Cruziana Ichnofossil

Geological Time: Ordovician

Size: The primary horizontal track way is 6 ¾” in length. The vertical track way is 4 7/8” in length. The plate is a sturdy 1 ½” thick

Fossil Site: Unknown, Morocco

Fossil Code: PFT793

Price: $95.00

Cruziana Trilobite Track WayDescription: Cruziana are fascinating accompaniments to any trilobite collection. They are visual representations of a frozen in stone moment of the trilobite crawling through the muddy sea bottom sediments. This plate shows remarkable detail of the legs pushing the mud up and away and leaving an identifiable pattern, much like the tracks from a tire left on a snowy road. This large, thick, plate shows two track ways crossing over each other. There is also discernable trilobite trash including what looks like a partial genal spine on the plate. Perhaps, that's the leavings of some animals Paleozoic main course?.

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