Aesthetic Paralegoceras evolutum Permian Fossil Ammonoid

Paralegoceras evolutum

Phylum Mollusca, Class Cephalopoda, Subclass Ammonoidea, Order Goniatitida, Superfamily Neoicocerataceae, Family Metalegoceratidae

Geological Time: Permian (325 million years old)

Size: Fossil is 3 3/4” inch diameter

Fossil Site: Basleo Fault Line, Paralegoceras Atanbua, West Timor

Fossil Code: PFA93

Price: $350.00

Paralegoceras evolutum ammonitesDescription: The difference between fine art and nature’s natural creative processes are often a topic of endless debate. This rare and magnificent piece is arguably both. Note the opalised, drusey fine crystalline interior of the ammonite air chambers. The base color is a muted tan with some patchy purple/brown shadings. It was professionally prepared and polished to reveal the outer lustrous veneer and inner sparkling radiance. It would make a wonderful decorative piece, or, an inspired gift to any lover of nature’s creative genius.

Paleontological Journal Volume 42, Number 6, 585-595

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