Aesthetic Cretaceous Cleoniceras Ammonite

Cleoniceras sp. Ammonite

Phylum Mollusca, Class Cephalopoda, Subclass Ammonoidea, Order Ammonitida

Geological Time: Cretaceous

Size: Ammonite is 5 3/4” inches in diameter

Fossil Site: Tulear, Madagascar

Fossil Code: PFA111

Price: $110.00

Cretaceous Cleoniceras AmmoniteDescription: This is a large sized and beautifully colored polished ammonite species. Note the wonderfully articulated suture (growth lines) so wonderful in their complexity. The colors range in gradation from off-white to an array of honey ambers, and browns. Both sides are equally displayable. This specimen would make a perfect display or decorative piece.

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