Rare Russian Trilobite Pseudoasaphinus tecticaudatus

Pseudoasaphinus tecticaudatus

Trilobites Order Asaphida, Family Asaphidae

Geological Time: Middle Ordovician

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): 105 mm long by 60 mm wide on an 175 by 125 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Vilpovitsy Quarry, Wolchow River Region, St Petersburg, Russia

Code: RUT923

Price: $650.00

Rare Russian Trilobite Pseudoasaphinus tecticaudatuss tecticaudatusDescription: A well-inflated example of a scarce Asaphid, this is Pseudasaphus tecticaudatus. The beige Calcite exoskeleton is complemented by the white limestone matrix, with the trilobite shown in a slightly reflexed position. Notice the terrace lines on the pygidium, indicative of the exceptional preservation for which the region is renowned.

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