Dramatic Phaetonellus planicauda Moroccan Trilobite

with Freestanding Spines

Phaetonellus planicauda

Trilobites Order Proetida, Family Tropidocoryphidae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian

Size: (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 25 mm long by 21 mm wide on a 90 by 85 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Hamar Laghdad Formation, Alnif , Morocco

Code: 12031

Price: $1095.00

Phaetonellus planicauda Trilobite Moroccan TrilobitesDescription: Superb example of a member of the Order Proetida with many fine details present. At first glance, it looks much like Cornuproetus, a relatively common trilobite. The most diagnostic features of that taxon are a granulose cephalon and thorax and the swept-back genal spines. Look more closely, however, and you will notice the spines emanating from the pygidium as well as the axial spines. Once termed Decoroproetus in the trade, it is actually Phaetonellus, and is rarely offered for sale (This is my SECOND in ELEVEN YEARS). The Proetidae were among the last of the trilobites to go extinct in the Permian over 100 million years later. This is one has been prepared with the genal spines freestanding, making for a dramatic specimen. With the advent of reliable electricity supplies, the quality of Moroccan trilobites has taken a dramatic leap over the past few years, making for some stunning specimens. See my other offerings for a more affordable example.

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