Spectacular Belenopyge Museum Trilobite

Prepared in Freestanding Mode with Attached Hypostome

Acanthoyge (Belenopyge) estevesi

Trilobites Order Lichida, Family Lichidae, Subfamily Trochinurinae

Geological Time: Middle Devonian

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 35 mm long (curve measure) by 25 mm wide (with spines) on a 90 by 65 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Ihandar Formation, Jebel Oufaten, Morocco

Fossil Code: 13054

Price: Sold

Belenopyge estevesiDescription: This is a fine example of a trilobite from the Lower Devonian Ihandar Formation deposits near Jebel Outaen this taxon is a member of the Order Lichida, Family Lichidae, and is infrequently available. Typically called Lobopyge, it is actually a member of the genus Acanthopyge and has recently been placed in the subgenus Belenopyge. This one is far larger than most, and is quite pustulose. It is well-positioned on its limestone matrix base, with the genal and pleural spines well-displayed against the light-colored matrix. With the advent of a reliable source of electricity in Morocco, the quality of preparation has improved dramatically over the past few years. This one took a great deal of effort to prepare all the pleural spines free of matrix. While I used to refer to trilobites prepared in a mode similar to this as flying, I feel a new term is warranted by the preparation now coming into vogue. This specimen is truly stunning when viewed from any aspect, and is destined to become the cornerstone of any collection, public or private. (I apologize for the less-than-esthetic photography while still in the shipping container, but discretion was the better part of valor with all the spines). It has a recently-assigned “cousin” in the Devonian deposits of Oklahoma, Acanthopyge consanguinea (Bug X) which can be seen in my offerings from the incomparable preparator Bob Carroll. For a more typical example of the Moroccan taxon, please see my other offerings under Lobopyge.

Reference: Batalleria, 18, March 2013, pp 3-14.

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