Lloydolithus lloydi Trilobite from UK

Lloydolithus lloydi

Bancroft (1933)

Trilobites Order Asaphida, Family Trinucleidae

Geologic Age: Lower Ordovician, Llandeilo Series

Size (25.4mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 15 mm long by 20 mm wide on a 60 mm by 65 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Middleton Formation, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Code: MF50

Price: $85.00 - sold

LloydolithusDescription: Well-preserved example of a member of the Order Asaphida, Family Trinucleidae, with a dramatically-displayed cephalic rim. The cephalic pits (fenestrae) are also evident, the means by which this trilobite filtered detritus from the seafloor. The trilobite presumably hovered at the seafloor, using its legs to kick up particulates which then passed through the cephalic ring. Overall, a fine example of the taxon, rarely offered with this degree of preservation. The fossil is replaced in granular chalcopyrite which results in this metallic sheen. See my other offerings for another trilobite from the region with similar preservation.

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Lloydolithus Trilobite

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