Wall Chart - A Correlated History of Earth


Wall Chart - A Correlated History of the EarthThis is the fourth edition of the Correlated History of the Earth, an incredible learning tool and awesome reference guide.

When I First saw this wall chart, I was astonished that so much scientific information could be placed and correlated. Information is contained in many vertical columns that span a logarithmic timeline the 4.5 billion years of Earth's history

Columns include plate tectonic maps, mountain building events (orogenies), major volcanic episodes, glacial epochs, all known craters from asteroid and comet impacts, over 100 classic fossil localities from around the world, fossil Ranges of plants, invertebrates and vertebrate life form's, and major extinction events as revealed by the fossil record.

More than half the chart summarizes the evolution of life on Earth in major grouping of: Plants; Invertebrates; Fish and Amphibians; Reptiles; Birds and Mammals. While not replacing your typical 800-page zoology text, it is remarkable how well the taxonomy of all life is depicted and hierarchically broken down delineated. The Cambrian explosion and the K/T extinction are examples of events for which effects are conspicuous in the presentation.

The many pictures I've included give an idea of the richness and effective design of this chart. Presented in full-color, the chart measures 36 3/4 by 26 5/8 inches and is heavily laminated for durability. Whether your interest is geology, paleontology, biology, volcanoes, history, seismology, or any combination thereof, as a professional, an educator, a hobbyist, a student or just an interested observer, this chart is a remarkable asset.

Single chart - $25.00

Two charts - $48.00

NOTE: This is a large item which is laminated, and so cannot be folded for shipping. As a consequence, shipping for foreign buyers will be expensive, costing MORE than the chart itself. Please bear that in mind when making inquries.


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