Black Cat Mountain Trilobites - Bob and Linda Carroll

Our fossil dealer friends Bob and Linda

Bob Carroll with Mike and Gwynn breaking rocks in the Devonian Haragan Formation deposits of Coal County, Oklahoma. Bob has operated one of the commercial quarries in the area for the past 15 years. Actually, he works several quarries that have exposures of both the Haragan and Bois d' Arc Formations.

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Bob Carroll of Black Cat Mountain Trilobites; Bob is unequivocally the king of Oklahoma trilobites, and an extraordinary preparator.
Black Cat Gwynn Hatfield at work with Bob.
Black Cat Mike Hatfield at work with Gwynn. Fossil dealers Gwynn and Mike own Primal Extincts and mainly do fossils shows.
Black Cat Viper; this is dangerous work indeed (1). There are also copius Black Cat Black Widows lurking in crevasses and cracks.
One hot summer day's worth of Devonian rocks
Movie - breaking that pile of rocks to the left (one could lose a finger, or at least a fingernail) - Caution, 7 Meg File
Black Cat True Bug (Assassin or Kissing Bug), Order Hemiptera, Family Reduviidae. This Okie "Wheel Bug" version can inflict a painful bite.
Black Cat Namesake Bug: This little 11 mm Aulacopleurid trilobite is named after Bob.
(Jour Paleo V. 71, No. 4, 1997)
(1) Kingdom Animalia; Phylum Chordata; Class Reptilia; Order Squamata; Suborder Serpentes; Family Viperidae; Subfamily Crotalinae; Genus: Sistrurus (Linnaeus, 1758); a.k.a: Rattler

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