Juvenile Dinictus felina Sabercat Fossil Skull

from White River Badlands Brule Formation

Dinictis felina

Order Carnivora, Suborder Feliformia, felina, Family Nimravidae

Geological Time: Early Oligocene, Whitneyan Era, about 31 million years ago

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Fossil is 150 mm long by 50 mm tall

Fossil Site: Arner Ranch, Brule Formation, White River Badlands, Sioux County, Nebraska

Code: FGF06

Price: $595.00

Dinictus felina Sabercate Fossil Skull Description: This is a partial skull of a Nimravid, or “False Sabertooth Cat”. It is from a juvenile, and is the smallest example the collector, the well-known avocational Brule Formation in Badlandspaleontologist Frank Garcia has ever found. It was located high on one of the many hills on the ranch when Frank found it just last week. Note the partoial saber as well as the root of a second tooth when viewed from the palatal side. Any cat fossils are hard to find. While this is only a partial specimen, it is quite valuable. A complete example with lower jaws can easily run $10,000. The genus expired during the Early Miocene some 20 million years ago.

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