NEW Gogia Eocrinoid

Gogia sp nov - eocrinoid or dawn crinoid

Echinodermata, Eocrinoidea

Geological Time: Middle Cambrian

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): 70 mm long and 53 mm wide on a 140 mm by 120 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Spence Shale, Box Elder County, Utah

Fossil Code: EC126

Price: $150.00 - sold

GogiaComing from the Cambrian Spence Shale deposits of Box Elder County, Utah this is a fine multiple example of a NEW SPECIES of Gogia , a member of the Class Eocrinoidea. Eocrinoids (“dawn crinoids”), were among the earliest groups of Echinoderms. They had a vase-shaped body (calyx), covered by plates that were symmetrical and had a bifurcated brachiole, a slender arm-like structure for food-gathering that closely resembled those in cystoids. The early Eocrinoids were attached to the bottom by a thick holdfast. Later members had an elongated stalk much like the true crinoids which evolved later. This particular species is undergoing description, and differs from G. spiralis in its larger size and untwisted brachioles.

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