Trochodendron Leaf Fossil from Tranquille Shale

Trochodendron drachuki

Order Trochodendrales, Family Trochodendraceae

Geological Time: Eocene

Size: Leaf fossil is 1.8 inches long on ~ 4 x 3 shale

Fossil Site: McAbee Fossil Beds, Tranquille Shale, Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Code: ZPL125

Price: Sold

Trochodendron drachukiDescription: This plate displays a Trochodendron, an evergreen shrub) from leaf from the lacustrine (lake) deposits of the McAbee Flora of the Eocene of British Columbia, Canada. The McAbee Fossil North America in the EoceneBeds site is a Konservat-Lagerstätten owing to the exceptional preservation of the flora and fauna. The fossils are the most diverse known in British Columbia for plants and insects of the Eocene. Only a small fraction of the diversity has yet to be formally described. Some 76 plant genera are known so far. The fossil site was recently acquired by the British Columbia provincial government and declared a heritage site. As a consequence specimens like this that were collected from before the declaration will become increasingly in demand as no further material will be available.

Also see: McAbee Fossil Beds

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