Huge Dinosaur Era Galianemys whitei Turtle Fossil from Morocco

Galianemys whitei (sideneck turtle)

Order Testudines, Suborder Pleurodira, Superfamily Pelomedusoides, Family Bothremydidae

Geological Time: Upper Cretaceous

Size: length is 21 inches around the curve

Fossil Site: Tegana Formation, Kem Kem Morocco

Fossil Code: MTU1

Price: $2650.00

Cretaceous Turtle FossilWhen we hear of the Cretaceous Tegana Formation in Morocco, Dinosaurs come to mind, especially the bigger than T-Rex, fierce Carcharodontosuarus saharicus. But other creatures more docile, such as this turtle, shared this Upper Cretaceous habitat. The earliest turtles are believed to date to the Permian.
At 21 inches around the curve, even Carcharodontosuarus would have found this ancient Testudine a satisfying snack. The fossil is all original, as unearthed in the field, with no repair or restoration.

Ref: Galianemys, a New Side-Necked Turtle (Pelomedusoides, Bothremydidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Morocco. Gaffney, Tong, and Meylan. 2002. American Museum of Natural History Novitates 3379. 20 pp.

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