Tranquille Shale Eocene Plant Fossils

Alder, Birch and Pine Plant Fossils

Alder: Division Magnoliophyta, Order Fagales, Family Betulaceae, Genus Alnus
Birch: Division Magnoliophyta, Order Fagales, Family Betulaceae, Genus Betula
Pine: Division Pinophyta, Class Pinopsida, Order Pinales, Family Pinaceae, Genus Pinus

Geological Time: Middle Eocene

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): Shale is 170 by 65 mm

Fossil Site: McAbee Quarry; Cache Creek, Tranquille Shale, Kamloops Group, British Columbia, Canada

Code: CP29

Price: $30.00

Coming from the Tranquille Shale in British Columbia, Canada, this Middle Eocene plant fossil plate represents some of the defining events of Paleobiology in the Tertiary (see discussion below). It contains a large well-preserved magnolia leaf with many fine details, venation and stem preserved, and partials of two other leaves forming a mosaic display. Plants of family Magnoliidae are among the most primitive angiosperms, the flowering plants.

The Eocene was a period when flowering plants continued a massive radiation that began in the Paleocene Epoch. Plants thrived, and with that many animals, as new environmental niches were filled. The first grasses appeared with growth near the root as opposed to the tip, providing a renewable food resource and place of refuge for many animals. Small mammals radiated. Many new species of shrubs, trees and small plants appeared. A variety of trees thrived in a warm Eocene climate, including beech, elm, chestnut, magnolia, redwood, birch, and cedar, and more. The evolution of plants was providing a powerful selective pressure across the entire animal Kingdom, and many new symbiotic systems appeared.

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