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Tricrepicephalus coria Trilobite
Order Ptychopariida
Family Tricrepicephalidae
Weeks Formation, Utah
Not yet ready to move
Dalmanitina proeva Trilobite
Metacanthina Museum Trilobite
Triarthrus Trilobite with Legs and Antennae
Dalmanitina proeva Trilobite Gem
Ktoua Formation, Morocco

Stunning Metacanthina Museum Trilobite
Code 13158 - Sold

Museum Triarthrus Trilobite with Legs and Antennae
Lorraine Shale, New York
Code PYT108 - Sold
Museum Trilobite Fossils that have been moved and unlinked and so to be deleted a later point
Harpides Museum Trilobites
Code 13073 - Sold
Test 301 redirect
Museum Fish Fossils
Messel Fish Fossil
Tremataspis Paleozoic Jawless Fish
Cyclurus Bowfin Fish Fossil
Messel Pit, Darmstadt, Germany
Code GF100
Tremataspis Paleozoic Jawless Fish
Island of Oesel, Estonia
Code UKF185 > VFM

Museum Invertebrate Fossils

Typhloesus wellsi Conodont
Enigmatic Typhloesus wellsi Conodont Animal Fossil
Mississippian (320 ma)
Bear Gulch Limestone, Montana
Code BGF425 - Sold
Museum Dinosaur & Reptile Fossils 
Put three to left all togther >> Psittacosaurus Dinosaur Fossil
Psittacosaurus Dinosaur Skull Fossil
Jurassic - Cretaceous
Yixian Formation, China
Code TF299 - Sold
Psittacosaurus sinensis Dinosaur Skull
Mongolia, China
Code: BCF016 - Sold
Psittacosaurus meileyingensis Dinosaur
Liaoning, China
Code: BCF074 - Sold
  Argochampsa Crocodilian Fossil
  Argochampsa krebsi Crocodilian Skull Fossil
Lower Cretaceous
Code MT371 - Sold
Museum Triassic Ichthyosaur Fossil
Guizhou, China
Code CF011 - Sold
Jeholosaurus shangyuanensis Dinosaur Fossil
Liaoning, China
Code BCF071 - Sold
Cretaceous Sea Turtle
Dinosaur Foot Claw
Spinosaurus Dinosaur Claw

Cretaceous Sea Turtle Skull
Upper Cretaceous
Code 05016 - Sold

Exquisitely-Preserved Gobi Reptile Fossil Skull from the Lower Cretaceous of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

Deltadromaeus agilis Dinosaur Foot Claw
Code DC004 - Sold


Spectacular Spinosaurus Dinosaur Forefoot Claw
Taouz, Morocco
Code 06001 - Sold
Exceedingly Rare Early Cretaceous Fossil Frog
Liaoning, China
Code BF076 - Sold

Choristodera Cretaceous Reptile Fossil
Liaoning, China
Code CF004 - Sold

Lower Cretaceous Amphibian Salamander Fossil
Liaoning, China
Code BF074 - $2250

Moved to science nov 20, 2014


Done - Moved to Science - Moroccan Trilobites



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